Time for Change

For decades, without questioning whether there is a better way, we have been pouring concrete into the ground and building on it.  And, in recent times, we’ve placed fossil fuel-derived insulation over this concrete to prevent it devouring our heat energy.

Well, the days of throwing vast quantities of concrete into the ground are over.  The quick and easy way to achieve a strong, insulating floor slab is to use TECHNOpor® glass foam aggregate.



TECHNOpor® lightweight aggregate has been used in the UK predominantly within the perimeter foundations of buildings as an insulating floorslab, but TECHNOpor® can also be used to insulate the foundation itself against thermal bridging [see diagrams to right].


Ideal for the Self-Builder

On the Continent, TECHNOpor® has been used in both domestic and commercial buildings, but it really is ideal for the self-builder:

Despite being exceptionally strong, TECHNOpor® is lightweight and non-toxic and, therefore, very easy to handle; at just 170kg/m³, there is no need for teams of groundworks specialists or heavy plant.   As it is an inert material, it can be laid in any weather conditions; and it is quick –  there is no curing time or matrix needed.  [see Installation Instructions]

And once laid, there are no stored problems for the future; dimensionally stable and inert, it holds no attraction to vermin or insects, is entirely resistant to biological attack, and there is no degrading with age unlike some other insulation materials.

TECHNOpor® can be delivered in bulk, direct from the German manufacturers, or in bags for smaller quantities.  The 1.5mᶾ bags are kept in stock in the UK.


So, whether you are doing the build yourself or employing a contractor, TECHNOpor® is the easy, quick way to a load-bearing and insulating floorslab on which to build your dream home.



     “To sum up: TECHNOpor was a very easy method to install and I already have an            insulated floor without having to add extra.  It has been very satisfactory.”  Mrs F.



Warm and Strong

TECHNOpor®, a pumice-like material, is lightweight but exceptionally strong.  Each individual granule may appear somewhat insubstantial, but when locked in place en masse as a solid floorslab, TECHNOpor® lightweight aggregate has remarkable technical credentials:

Its certified compressive strength of 0.5N/mm² means that loads of 50tonnes/m² present no problem.  The closed cell structure of the granules prevents moisture being drawn up by capillary action into the building structure. It is frost resistant, and has class-leading ‘Euroclass A1’ certification for fireproofing.  But, perhaps most importantly of all, with a lambda value of 0.08 W/mK, it can deliver Passive House standards of insulation (the U value required determines the depth of TECHNOpor® used).

TECHNOpor® foam glass aggregate has been through rigorous testing as you would expect, and is certified as a load-bearing and insulating building material by the German construction authority, DIBt, and carries the CE conformity mark enabling it to be sold throughout Europe.  And it has LABC approval in the UK [see Technical Data page for Certificates].


Comfort needn't Cost

It would be reasonable to assume that a product with this immense strength, that weighs just a tenth of concrete, and has the insulating abilities to achieve Passive House standards of thermal performance would be prohibitively expensive.  However, this is not the case:

We regularly ask independent construction professionals to evaluate the costs incurred when using TECHNOpor® and compare against typical costs incurred when using concrete and foamed insulation.  These documents are available upon request.  The last two were done in Jan 2015  and Nov 2015 and they show that using TECHNOpor® to form a solid floorslab is up to 24% cheaper than the traditional hardcore, concrete and foam insulation.  Similarly, a TECHNOpor® floorslab is 3% cheaper than beam and block.

Sustainability at the right price!


           “We would highly recommend TECHNOpor® to any self-builder as a labour                      and cost saving alternative to traditional building methods.”  Mr & Mrs Z.


In Summary - TECHNOpor, Perfect for your Project

  • Replaces traditional hardcore, blinding, oversite concrete and foam insulation
  • Capable of load-bearing 50tonnes/m²
  • Employed in Passive House construction because of its thermal performance
  • Sustainable building material, made from waste glass
  • Manufactured using hydro-electric power; zero carbon at factory gate
  • Lightweight and non-toxic; safe and easy to handle and install
  • Frost and fire proof
  • No matrix or curing time; extremely quick to install
  • Can be laid in any weather conditions
  • Closed cell structure prevents moisture ingress due to capillary action
  • No deterioration over time, not susceptible to vermin or biological attack
  • Cost benefit due to price and speed of installation