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What is it?

TECHNOpor® is a low-carbon construction material made from waste glass; it comes in granular form, and is used in the floorslabs and foundations of domestic and commercial buildings.  It is lightweight, yet extremely strong and an excellent insulator.



There is no compromise in price or performance when selecting TECHNOpor® glass foam aggregate.  This certified load-bearing and insulating material has undergone rigorous testing in Germany where it has been used for over 15 years.

Over 1 million square metres of flooring in Europe is now supported and insulated by TECHNOpor®.

Known variously as ‘glass foam granulate’, ‘glass foam insulation’, ‘foam glass aggregate’ or any combination thereof (!), TECHNOpor® is a lightweight aggregate and has been widely used in the UK since 2011.  All the images used on this website are from UK building projects that have been built on, or renovated using, TECHNOpor® [unless otherwise stated].

Sustainable and Low Carbon

We all appreciate the need to recycle glass.  The general move in society is towards recycling and re-use.  Concepts like the ‘Circular Economy’ are beginning to gain traction as more and more people recognise the limitations of our traditional linear systems; in a world of finite resources, the old order of ‘make, use and dispose’ just doesn’t make any sense.

TECHNOpor® glass foam aggregate is made from 100% waste glass – glass that is no longer recyclable and would otherwise go to landfill.  It is manufactured using hydro-electricity and is – at least at the factory gate – zero carbon.  No other floor slab material – concrete and foam insulation, or other foam glass products – offers this combination of sustainability and low embedded carbon.  TECHNOpor®, therefore, is the environmental choice for a strong, insulating floorslab and foundation material.

The Cost Advantage

We encourage you to look at TECHNOpor® from a cost perspective, as well as its performance and environmental credentials.  When compared holistically – ie. when labour, time and plant costs are included – we have independent evidence to show that the use of TECHNOpor® is some 3 to 24% more cost effective than the traditional use of concrete and foam insulation.

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